Privacy Statement and Use of Cookies


You may not always be aware of it, but as a user (hereinafter also ‘the User’) of our Platform you always provide us with some ‘personal data’. Personal data are data that enable us to identify you as a natural person, regardless of whether we effectively do so or not. This will be the case as soon as a direct or indirect link can be established between one or more data and a natural person.

By ‘Platform’ is meant all of the websites and applications developed by ProMedia, including but not limited to and *

The collection and processing of personal data is subject to stringent conditions by the legislator as stipulated in the legislation and European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 GDPR-AVG, Directive 95/46 / EC. We, too, attach great importance to the protection of your privacy and want to be absolutely clear about this, we have drafted this Privacy Statement.

By using the Platform and its services, we assume that the User has read this Privacy Statement and therefore agrees to the collection and processing of his personal data, in the way as described below.

By using the Platform, the User agrees to the processing of his personal data by ProMedia.

Our Privacy Statement is subject to future updates or modifications. . It is therefore the responsibility of the User to read this document at regular intervals. Any material change will always be clearly communicated.

I.1 Person responsible for processing

I.1.1     The person responsible for processing is any natural person or legal entity who, alone or with others, determines the purpose and the legal and technical means for the processing of personal data. 

The following person has been designated as being responsible for the processing:

PROMEDIA BE bv (hereinafter called “ProMedia” )Brouwersvliet 33 – 7th floorB-2000 Antwerp (Belgium)

VAT: BE.0781.746.556

I.1.2     As person responsible for the processing, ProMedia shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data from inadvertent or unauthorized destruction, from accidental loss and from any other unauthorized processing of personal data, in accordance with articles 32 to 34 of the European GDPR Regulation.

These measures correspond to the nature of the personal data and are proportionate to the potential severity of the risk. If the User has the impression that his data is not properly secured and/or has indications of misuse, contact can be made via  If unauthorized access is obtained to our systems, we will immediately take all possible measures to minimize the damage and/or theft of the data.

I.1.3     ProMedia guarantees that no transfer to third countries for data processing or storage will take place without having taken the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the protection requirements as stipulated in the legislation and European Regulation.

I.1.4     Our employees and third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

I.2 Data that are processed

I.2.1     In some cases, the use of the Platform requires the creation of an individual User profile and the associated User registration. This means that we collect all data that are necessary for personalized service provision, such as contact details i.e. name and surname, address, email address, telephone number. The User decides himself on the amount of information that he provides.

I.2.2     Under no circumstances do we collect sensitive personal data of the User, such as data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, health, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex orientation and the like.

I.2.3     In addition, we collect and process personal data to ensure the proper technical operation of the Platform. The Platform uses various tools to optimize the User experience and to detect any (technical) malfunctions in the Platform:

  • cookies: this information enables us to identify the User in order to make efficient use of the platform functions such as remaining logged in, navigating through the information, use of functions, displaying personalized commercial messages, etc., as provided for in Section II (‘Use of Cookies’);
  • log information: this information includes the IP address and various telecommunication data;
  • information relating to the device used such as hardware and software information and network information;
  • local storage information;
  • click behavior.

I.2.4     The Platform collects also anonymous data, being technical data used exclusively for internal purposes in order to gain an insight into the User navigation on the Platform.

I.2.5     The analytical data of ProMedia show also location data. Based on these data, your (putative) location can be determined and displayed on a map (‘Map’). These indications (based on an IP address) are, however, far from accurate, and therefore largely insufficient to determine your exact location.

I.3 Purposes of the data processing 

I.3.1     ProMedia specializes in the efficient and targeted collection of information for the port sector. This ‘Platform’ is used to perform these activities and constitutes a central collection point for all kinds of information and data, some of which may be qualified as personal data. These personal data reach ProMedia through various channels, either directly by the User himself or by an authorized third party, such as the employer.

The information obtained is used, among other things, for the layout and presentation of our business directory, the port agenda and the ProMedia yearbook, and is in principle visible to other Users of our website.

I.3.2     The degree of visibility may, however, differ according to the type of information. If the User does not agree with this form of data processing, reference will be made to article I.4 (‘Rights of the User’).

I.3.3     ProMedia also collects the personal data of Users to offer them a safe, optimal and personal User experience. This form of data processing is essential for the operation of the Platform and the associated services. The data are processed only for the following (internal) purposes:

  • to provide the User with access to his User profile and the associated functionality;
  • to offer and improve our personalized and general service, including billing purposes, provision of information, newsletters and offers that are useful and/or necessary for the User, the acquisition and processing of User evaluations, and the provision of support. The User can at any time unsubscribe at any time from the newsletters (through opt-out). In this case, ProMedia will immediately stop the sending of emails;
  • detection of and protection against fraud, errors and/or criminal practices.

This data processing is essential for the operation of the Platform. Some of the data may be visible to other Users. The degree of visibility can be made contingent on the capacity of the User.

We will never pass on personal data for external analysis without having first anonymized the data.

I.3.4     We can also use these personal data for the dissemination of commercial messages relating to our own services or on behalf of third parties. Personal data used for this purpose will never be accessible to third parties.

I.3.5     The personal data are processed only for internal use within ProMedia Personal data will not be sold, passed on or disclosed to third parties. Data can be disclosed to third parties in the following exceptional cases:

  • when explicit consent has been obtained from the User;
  • when disclosure is necessary for the conclusion or execution of an agreement concluded or to be concluded in the interest of the User between the person responsible for processing and a third party, for example, in the context of fraud;
  • when disclosure is necessary or required by law (public interest or law).

I.4 Rights of the User

Articles 15 up to and including 23 of the European GDPR Regulation.

I.4.1     Right of access – Right of inspection

Every User who proves his identity has a right of access to the information concerning the existence or not of processing of his personal data, as well as the purposes of this processing, the categories of data to which these processing operations relate and the categories of recipients to whom the data is provided.

I.4.2     Right to correction – Right of rectification

ProMedia is committed to the most accurate data collection possible. Inaccurate or incomplete personal data can therefore always be improved or even erased.

It is up to the User to report inaccuracies and omissions and in the first place to make the necessary adjustments within his User registration.

I.4.3     Right to data erasure

The User is also entitled, at any time, free of charge,  and without stating reasons, to obtain the removal of or the prohibition on the use of all personal data concerning him that, given the purpose of the processing, are incomplete or irrelevant, or of which the registration, notification or storage are forbidden or have been retained after the permissible duration. ProMedia undertakes to comply with this request unless there is a legal obligation to keep this information.

I.4.4     Right to restriction

Each User has the right to obtain the limitation of the processing if the correctness of his data is disputed, the processing is unlawful and / or the processing is no longer required.

I.4.5     Right to transferability

The User has the right to have his data transferred to another controller and/or to obtain his data in a structured form.

I.4.6     Right of objection

The User is at all times entitled to object to the processing of personal data concerning him / her due to his / her specific situation, unless ProMedia has to process this data for compelling legitimate reasons. The right of objection can always be invoked in case of direct marketing & profiling.

The User shall exercise this right via a dated, written request to ProMedia, by post or by e-mail to . ProMedia  undertakes to act upon this request within 20 working days, with a maximum of 3 months, by supplementing, rectifying or even removing the personal data in whole or in part.

If you believe that ProMedia does not lawfully deal with your personal data or violates the laws and regulations in any way, you have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commission  (

I.5 Retention period

We do not store your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary to realize the purposes for which your data is collected. We use the legally prescribed retention periods.


II.1       On our Platform we use Cookies, which enable us to identify the User in order to make efficient use of the platform functions such as remaining logged in, navigation through the information, use of functions, and displaying personalized commercial messages.

II.2       These Cookies will be stored for a period of 6 months.

II.3       As a User you have the right to object to the use of Cookies, and you can at any time delete the Cookies.

You can at any time delete Cookies from your computer. The method for removing them varies per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. You can disable Cookies from specific parties via Note, however, that the deletion of Cookies on some websites will prevent the optimal use of all available functions.

II.4       The Cookies will not be passed on to other companies or any other third parties. Some Cookies are placed and managed by third parties and are needed, among other things, to share information via social media and/or enable certain applications on our platform.


For all questions regarding this Privacy Statement and/or the processing of your personal data, please contact the coordinates below. This Privacy Statement has been prepared with the utmost care. If you still see reason for a supplement, we look forward to it.

ProMedia BE bv

Brouwersvliet 33 – 7th floor
B-2000 Antwerp (Belgium)
VAT: BE.0781.746.556
T :  +32.472.877.105

This text is a translation from an original in Dutch.In case of dispute, the Dutch-language version shall have sole legal validity.